Thunglamo Ngullie:

* Runner Up Naga Idol 2012

* Certified Vocal Teacher of Rock School London

* Consultant at Euphony Music School Guwahati

* Currently working as a Vocal Coach at RS Academia , Shofar Music Academy, Milestone Music Academy and Pilgrim Higher Secondary.

Vocal class, also known as voice class or voice training, is an educational setting where individuals can develop and refine their singing abilities. Whether pursuing a professional career in music or simply looking to enhance their vocal skills, vocal classes offer a structured environment for students to explore and nurture their voices.

In vocal class, students receive guidance from experienced vocal instructors who provide valuable techniques and exercises to improve vocal range, control, pitch, tone, and expression. These classes often cover various musical genres, including classical, pop, jazz, or musical theatre, allowing students to explore different styles and expand their repertoire.

Vocal class typically involves warm-up exercises, breathing techniques, vocal exercises, and song interpretation. Students learn how to develop proper vocal techniques, such as breath support, vocal placement, and articulation. They also receive individual attention and feedback from instructors, helping them identify areas for improvement and develop their unique vocal style.

Participating in vocal class offers numerous benefits, including increased self-confidence, improved vocal abilities, expanded musical knowledge, and the opportunity to connect with fellow music enthusiasts. Whether for personal growth or professional aspirations, vocal class provides a supportive and enriching environment for individuals to unleash their vocal potential and embark on a fulfilling musical journey.