Drum classes are engaging and exciting musical experiences that teach individuals how to play the drums. These classes offer a range of benefits for participants. Firstly, drumming enhances coordination, as it requires the synchronization of hands, feet, and timing. It also improves concentration and focus, as drummers need to maintain rhythm and follow instructions. Drumming promotes stress relief and self-expression, providing an outlet for emotions and creativity. Additionally, drum classes foster a sense of teamwork and collaboration, especially in group settings. They can boost confidence and self-esteem, as learners master new rhythms and techniques. Overall, drum classes provide a fun and rewarding way to develop musical skills while reaping numerous physical, cognitive, and emotional advantages.

Here in Pilgrim Higher Secondary, the Drums classes are not only based on following textbooks but each student is moulded and trained to have a very firm foundation in rhythm and music. Once a student in drums learns the foundations and its rudiments, it opens multiple doors for him/her to understand and even easily grasp other instruments as well.

Learning the drums also has health benefits. Research has shown that playing the drums can make you smarter because it workouts your entire brain. It helps your brain synchronize both the left and the right hemispheres. It also helps synchronize the lower parts of the brain with the frontal cortex. This integration leads to feelings of certainty. Drumming and rhythm are powerful tools as they permeate the entire brain.

To summarize, taking up drums is more than just a hobby; its a healthier lifestyle.