June 05, 2023

Report on World Environment Day, 2023

 Pilgrim Higher Secondary, Dimapur, along with the rest of the world observed World Environment Day, at its school campus with under the theme ‘Solutions to Plastic Pollution’ organised by Eco- Club of the school. Speaking on the occasion, the Principal of the school highlighted the importance for us to carry our own shopping bags, asking shopkeepers to replace plastic bags, learning the art of smart packing while travelling. She also urged  the students for a behavioral change towards environment by practicing austerity measures to take care of it. In conclusion the School Captain together with the teachers and students pledged to take care of our environment. Principal Ma’am also planted a tree and the programme ended with an inspiring poem composed by a student followed by choreography and vote of thanks.


May 9,2023

18 students from Pilgrim Higher Secondary participated in the inaugural International Kids Athletics Day meet held at Govt. Higher Secondary School, Half Nagarjan, Dimapur, Nagaland. Winners in the various categories are:-

Boys 4-7 years 30 Metre race

  • 1st Zahvi Wotsa
  • 3rd Lango Lam

Boys 60 Metre race 8 to 11 years

  • 3rd Kaikhohao

Girls 100 Metre race 12 to 14 years

  • 3rd Linovi Yepthomi

Boys 100 Metre race 12 to 14 years

  • 1st Elijah Ronren Kikon
  • 3rd Neithenyu Solo

The investiture ceremony for the School Captain

The investiture ceremony for the School Captain was a momentous occasion filled with anticipation and pride. The School Chapel Hall was adorned with colourful decorations and a stage was set up at the front. Students and teachers, gathered in the hall, eagerly awaiting for the beginning of the ceremony.

The Principal Ma’am delivered an inspiring speech, emphasizing the importance of leadership, responsibility, and dedication. She highlighted the qualities that the school captain must possess – integrity, empathy, and a strong sense of commitment. The atmosphere was charged with enthusiasm as the candidates eagerly awaited their turn to be invested with their badges of authority.

One by one, the new School leadership team walked proudly onto the stage, donning their sashes and badges. The outgoing captain passed on the symbolic torch of leadership to the newly appointed captain, symbolizing the continuity of excellence and values.

The crowd erupted in applause as the newly invested captain addressed the school, pledging to serve with integrity and strive for the betterment of the institution. The ceremony concluded with a sense of unity and renewed spirit as the school captain led the student body towards a promising future.

The School leadership team for the session 2023 – 24.

  • Elijah Ronren Kikon (School Captain, Center)
  • Debashree Hazarika (Asst. School Captain, 2nd from left)
  • Watipongla Kichu (Asst. School Captain, 2nd from right)
  • Shiyeto P Yeptho (Asst. School Captain, 1st from left)
  • Akivika A Sema (Asst. School Captain, 1st from right)

April 28, 2023

8 students of Pilgrim Higher Secondary (6 male and 2 female) student participated in the Dimapur District Inter High School Badminton and Table tennis tournament organised by Department of Youth Resources and Sports, Nagaland. Mr Henry R Yimchunger from class 10 A secured the 3rd position in the badminton singles.

Inauguration of Concrete Cricket Pitch at Pilgrim Higher Secondary

Dimapur, 30th September 2022: Honorary Joint Secretary Shri A. Rahman of Nagaland Cricket Association (NCA) along with the General Secretary Shri C K Mech and President Choba Lotha of Dimapur District Cricket Association (DDCA) inaugurated the Concrete Cricket Practice Pitch at Pilgrim Higher Secondary, Dimapur on September 30.

The RCC Cricket Pitch was constructed by the Dimapur District Cricket Association under the aegis of Nagaland Cricket Association.

Shri A. Rahman in his inaugural speech emphasised on the benefits of playing the sport. He also motivated parents to encourage cricket, so that Nagaland may see a strong team in the coming future. The special guest enlightened the gathering about the upcoming young Naga cricketers who have become a role model for the young ones to follow, while also encouraging girls not to miss the opportunity.

Shri C K Mech highlighted the objectives of the construction to promote, encourage, organize and develop the game of cricket in the school, which will enhance the development of fine motor skills, positive behaviour and team spirit that can inculcate positivity in the classroom.

Madam Kaini Khekho Kikon, the Principal of the School felicitated the dignitaries, while one of the parents offered the dedication prayer. The programme was attended by members of NCA and DDCA, along with the Schools Administrator, Principal, teachers, parents and students of Pilgrim Higher Secondary. The function was chaired by the Assistant Headmaster Mr. Sana and ended with words of gratitude from the Principal.