Dance classes offer an expressive and energetic outlet for individuals to learn and explore various dance styles. These classes provide numerous benefits for participants. Firstly, dance enhances physical fitness and stamina, promoting flexibility, strength, and coordination. It improves posture, balance, and overall body awareness. Dance classes also foster creativity and self-expression, allowing individuals to communicate and tell stories through movement. Moreover, dance promotes mental well-being, reducing stress and anxiety while boosting mood and self-confidence. In addition, dance classes encourage social interaction and teamwork, creating a supportive and inclusive environment. Whether for recreational enjoyment or professional aspirations, dance classes provide a fulfilling and enriching experience for dancers of all ages and skill levels.

Our Dance Instructor, T Kokliba ThongerProfessional summary-Dedicated Dance Instructor trained from RAJEEV GOSWAMI COMPANY OF DANCE MUMBAI, works with students of all skill levels, successful at helping individuals, groups and couples. Performed in many shows including HORNBILL INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL, Judged MUSIKA DANCE BATTLE 2020Dance Style-Hip Hop, Street Dance, Salsa, Bollywood and Contemporary.Benefits of Dance in School Curriculum: Helps physical and mental health, Boost Self-Confidence, Team work, helps in concentration and Dance Also Prove to be Replacement to Digital Practices.